Saturday, February 13, 2010

New name?

So I'm flirting with the idea of changing my store name, just so that it encompasses MORE... I don't work solely with silver, although it's still my fav... But I think I'm going through a mini-revolution. I'm discovering the value of other mediums, such as copper and even gold! Shocking, I know!

So far here are a few of my ideas and their pro/cons:

Metal Enso - keeping the Enso word for continuity; it's still a cool word with great meaning.
Enso Jewelry Design by JC - ...for those that have no idea it's a jewelry store...a little long tho.
Metals by JC - to the point?
JC (or JCM) Metals - letting go of Enso b/c people cannot pronounce it!
JCM (or JC) Jewelry Design - sounds too serious?
Metallic Adornments by JC (or JCM) - too long??

More later...can't think's late!


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