Thursday, June 4, 2009


As part of the Etsyblogger monthly requirement, we get to visit and write about the month's Featured Etsyblogger. This lucky duck gets to bathe in the all the glory as hundreds of busy Etsybloggers write about his/her's store! So, this month's lucky duck is....drumroll please...... Createathought! Yay!, and congratulations!

If you browse the store, you'll find a plethora of paper goods as well as fun and inexpensive rings, or as she puts it "Naughty Secretary Jewelry." HA! I really like the rings, and you know that I'm partial to jewelry in general. Createathought's prices are super reasonable, if not even downright cheap! You ain't gonna break the bank on a bauble or two of hers. Check this one out.

This ring is exactly like it's namesake, bubbly and cute. I would definitely wear it. I also like this one:
I like the fun moons trapped inside the heart. It's called "I heart the moon." So if you haven't visited Createathought's store, be sure you do!

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