Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Options!

I am offering two new options for my necklaces! First, customers can now choose to have either a polished finish or a brushed matte finish on their pieces. Prices will be the same either way! Yay! Second, I acquired some amazingly beautiful dyed hand-sewn silk string, and for a limited time, I will offer that in place of the chain. Not only does it provide an easy burst of color, but it brings a nice organic feel to the jewelry and compliments the silver well. To the left is a picture of the silk I currently have. To the right, is my new "Girls Nite Out" necklace with the silk. All silk necklaces will be finished with a sterling lobster clasp.

I think color always reminds me of spring time, so it seemed the right thing to do! I can only hope the weather will change to reflect warmer times to come! :)


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