Sunday, March 22, 2009

Watcha working' on?

Well, thank you for asking! I just got a new shipment of some very fun vintage beads that I'm thinking of using in my MEI interchangeable earrings. I love the idea of having choices with my earrings, to match my clothes or my other accessories! I'm also debating working on some different ear wires...maybe a mix and match kind of thing where the buying public could pay for the earrings separate from the ear wires? What do you think?

I'm also working on some pieces for my school's annual Walkathon and silent auction this upcoming weekend. I'm donating a couple custom necklaces for the silent auction. It should be very fun! I'm not sure how to display it though. I have this awesome wire tree that I used last year, but it just seemed so bare... maybe I'll wire on some flowers? I dunno... Haven't thought that one through...

At the same time, I'm working on some necklaces for Tulip. The owner said she loves my stuff (yay!) and would like to display a few. I'm working on some new designs for the Etsy store, so that should coincide quite well. I am gonna be busy! If anyone has any grand suggestions on things they haven't seen in the store yet, I'm alllll ears!


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