Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New fonts!

Ack! The month of May is always a hectic time in a teacher's schedule. Open house, statewide mandated testing, and so on. Thus, I have not blogged for a while. But the month has pretty much come and gone, all needs have been met successfully. However, my store was continually open throughout, and I'm raring to go this summer! As a great start to it, I have some new fonts to add to our availability!! Yay! Of course, our exclusive "Emote" font, which is seen on most of the items in store, is still available in lower case. We also have "Whimsy" which is available in lower and upper case. It can be seen here in our Sweet Tooth necklace. It's very curly and cute. I love it! I alo have a lower case "Classic" font, which is seen here: It's simple and sans serif-y. We always have our typical block fonts which we use a lot for numbers. In a week or so, I should also be getting an upper and lower case "Script" font. It's definitely serif-y. I promise to upload a pic as soon as I've stamped them out. I love that there are going to be so many lovely options for fonts. Truly it will give the customer greater freedom in design.


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